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Introducing the new Nonamen album: 'Interior’s Weather'! The first track is available on our Youtube channel: LINK
On our Bandcamp profile it is available now to pre-order digital copy of the album.


We've got some sad news for you today: Nonamen drum stool is vacant again. Bartek and the rest of the band decided to go our separate ways - thanks for these two years we've been playing together! Hopefully, this won't delay our work on the new album... but we can be pretty sure it's going to look a bit different than we planned.


Yes, we're alive. All songs for the new CD are almost ready. Soon we enter the studio.


In July we will have a great pleasure to join line-up of Castle Party festival! See you there!


We welcome Marta Rychlik as our new violin player! Some of you probably aren't surprised, as Marta joined Nonamen on stage at a number of occasions. From now on, she'll be composing music with us Stay tuned!


We've just started the New Year and already we have to announce a change in the line-up of Nonamen, Our violin player, Agnieszka Reiner, decided to dedicate her full attention to her family and leave the band. We thank her many years of being a part of Nonamen, of creating music together and and of playing concerts. We know that she's not giving up music completely, so we're sure we'll hear of her again soon. We wish her all the best, we keep our fingers crossed for her and - again - thank you!


It's been a year since the release of our first longplay CD "Obsession". Today we share with you all the songs on our Youtube channel (where you can also find a few live versions). Meanwhile, we're working on some new material. The new CD will be a concept album and we hope to release it in 2016.


The decision who'll be the new drummer of Nonamen was not simple, yet after many auditions we finally made it. We've listened to many good drummers and we were very happy to have received so many applications. Let's cut to the chase - a new drummer of Nonamen is Bartek Janczarski.


We're sorry to announce that Grzesiek Kozikowski, our drummer, left Nonamen. Sadly, it's not a late April Fool's joke. Our next gig, 19 April in Rotunda in Kraków, will be his farevell gig. We wanted to thank him for the last four years and wish him good luck! \m/


And so our first longplay CD - "Obsession" - has been released! We grateful to those who were present at the release show.


And so - we have great news for you! Today we're sending the material for our CD "Obsession" to the publisher! We don't expect any more complications.and our first record will be released soon! The CD will be released during our show in Kraków, in Klub Studio where we'll have great honour to support Tarja Turunen, one of the greatest voices of metal music. Join us there!

Event link


The recording of "Obsession" is slowly drawing to an end. The release of the CD is planned 13.09 in club Rotunda in Kraków! It will be a special show for us, because apart from the premiere of our album, we will be celebrating the 18th anniversary of our friends from Lacrima (that will also be releasing their new CD on that day)! Join the event and invite your friends: event FB


The time has come: in May we begin the recording of our next CD - it's time to start the countdown. Starting today, throughout the next month we'll be presenting on Facebook titles from the tracks of our LP "Obsession" - after that we'll also reveal the cover... So, Ladies and Gentlemen, here's number one:


It's time to sum this year up: we played 20 gigs, supported, among others, Blaze Bayley, Jelonek, KAT & Roman Kostrzewski and Siddharta. Our longplay "Obsession" is almost ready and at the beginning of the new year we'll enter the studio. Finally, we have great news: in March 2014 we'll be Blaze Bayley's tour support in Poland!


We' re continuing our concert offesive after the holidays - we've played at a few great gigs, supporting, among others, KAT & Roman Kostrzewski. The rest of the autumn time also looks interesting: we'll be playing with Psilocybe Larvae, we'll take part in Female Fronted Fest and support Jelonek in Kwadrat in Krakow.


Yesterday we played the last concert before holidays. It's time for a break. Yet, we want be idle - from now on we'll fully focus on finishing the material for our first LP record - Obsession. Get ready for a 50-minute long CD. As to the next concert season - be ready for a lot of great gigs! Stay tuned!


In July Poland will be invaded by a trio of Norvegian vikings who form a deadly squadron of Uburen. Together with Netherfell we shall have pleasure of playing three concerts with them as a part of Norse Rage Over Poland Tour! On the 13th of July Lacrima will join the gig as a special guest. Check Concerts tab for details


Welcome to our new webpage! Here you will find all the latest news, up-to-date touring dates and everything that concerns Nonamen.


I year has just passed since EP "Permission" appeared physically in your hands. While working hard on new material, we decided to make some more copies of our debut CD. If you want to purchase it, send us an email or talk to us after our gigs.